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THIS SITE is still being developed and will be ready for commerce by end August 2022. Updates will include more written content, as well as audio and video versions of the articles—and, ultimately, downloadable reports for every type of man at each stage of maturity.

The reports will be angled both at people who want to know more about a particular man, and at men who want to know more about themselves. Each report will include the following sections:

  • How to recognise him (How you are seen by others)
  • How he sees the world (How you see the world)
  • Why you like him (What you offer the world)
  • Why he drives you crazy (Your blind spot / core fear)
  • His (Your) ideal partner / colleague / friend and how to win him (you) over
  • His (Your) journey through the four stages of maturity
  • How to support him on his journey to maturity
  • What “I’ll alter him” shifts you can (and can’t) expect
  • Is he showing up in a way that works for me? (Questions people can ask about the man; questions you can ask yourself.)

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